Here we go again!

Surrogacy is hard. Surrogacy is tiring. But Surrogacy is worth it. Sadly my journey with my IPs has come to an end after 2 years and a failed transfer.

The transfer went wonderful and we were hopeful. My IPs had two untested embryos but when we got to transfer one of the embryos had not survived the thawing process. This left us with only one embryo and only one try at giving them their dream. Both my IPs were at transfer and my IM was able to come back with me for it. It was a special thing to see her face as her little embryo was being transferred. After laying still for 30mins my IPs took me to lunch and then I came home to rest. I didn’t have any bed rest afterward, just to rest the day of. The 2 week wait wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but I was able to keep my mind busy. Then the day came for Beta and sadly the embryo didn’t take.

After coming off meds I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I had decided to look into an agency and then shortly after got sick and decided to not move forward again.

Now it has been a few months and my sickness is under control (bad sinuses and IBS). This past week I talked to an agency again and have started the process a new.  I am already excided about matching again and starting a new relationship with new IPs.

I know Surrogacy is a HURRY up and WAIT game but I’m in no hurry. I know if it’s Gods will it will happen and in his timing.

Both my husband and I have talked to the agency and I have signed the agreement with them. They have gotten some of my medical records sent to the agency and only waiting for one more set to review them. once I am officially accepted by the agency then I will be sent some IPs profiles.

I can’t wait to see what this new chapter holds.



Moving Forward

Wow, I can’t believe the last time I posted anything we were waiting on Contract for our surrogacy journey. And oh boy, a lot has happened or not happened. We found out that my Insurance is not surrogacy friendly and therefore have to wait for open enrollment. So we were on a pause for a while. But now the Surrogacy Ball is back rolling!

We now have a timeline! My IP’s (intended Parents) Attorney has started working toward redoing the contract. In November my IPs will  purchase a Surrogate Friendly Insurance Policy. In December my IPs will transfer their Embryos to our Clinic in time for me to have a Trail Transfer and Blood work done in January. And then we will move on to the Transfer!!!!

Moving Forward in Life….we will start Homeschooling in a week and half!


Sick kid and waiting on contract.

My sweet girl has been sick since yesterday. her fever came on so fast and went so high and would not come down for a long time. I won’t lie this mommy got scared. as I sat last night with my baby sleeping on my lap burning up with fever I was scared. Every jump she made, I was scared. When her fever hit 103 at 10pm, I was scared.

my mind went back to my big brother playing one minute and  running a fever and complaining of a headache the next. I remember going to the hospital to see him and asking my mom if my bubba was going to die. This mommy got scared. my brother had spinal meningitis and all the things my baby was complaining about last night sent my mind back to that day many years ago.

I am so Thankful my big brother is fine today and that my baby girl just has a virtual infection. but oh how those Fears can overtake you in those moments of uncertainty. And now that my baby fever has broke and mommy knows whats going on with her my fear can go away, or at least for now.

As for the surrogacy journey, IPs have contract! I think if we get contract done this week or soon we will be looking at a March transfer.


Snow Day weekend!

Our Journey in Life gets a snow day!   It’s over the weekend so no real snow days but it’s going to be a wonderful weekend none the least.

As far as our Surrogacy Journey goes we are still waiting. waiting for contracts to get done. This is my first journey so I am not sure if this works the same for everyone, but for us the Contract will be drawn up and then sent to my Ips. once they read over the contract and if its the way they want it then they will sign it then the contract will be sent to me.


MIA Why To Long

It's been a while since I last posted in my Blog. Not too much has happened but it doesn't take much to get far on this Surrogacy 
Journey. In July I went to our clinic and took the MMI-2 
Personality test. Oh My what a test it was! 560 questions that had to be answered with True or False answers. 

At the beginning of August we went on our family cruise and had an amazing time. I'm not going to lie I was scared to go but knew I would have hated if we had missed out on it. So I went and faced my fear, and Oh how glad I am I did.  It was memorizes I will cherish in my heart for the rest of my life. 

After we returned we had to wait 8 weeks before having our medical screening done due to the fact that we went out of the country. with we waited for our 8 weeks to be up we finished our Psych Evaluations. at the end of August my husband and I had our part of Psych eval done and found out that my MMI-2 test came back normal. This of course made my husband laugh.  Then we had our group psych eval done and were told then that we could move on to the next step, once my 8 weeks was up anyways! 

On October 13, My Mother-in-laws birthday, our 8 weeks were up and I was able to call and set my Medical screening up for the next week. Luckily my husband was off work that week and was able to go and do his part of the medical screening at the same time.  We had our appointment with the RE on October 17 and we loved the RE we will be working with. while there the RE talked to us about the process and meds I will have for this Journey. He also did a Saline sonogram which is where they insert a catheter and fill a small 
"balloon" with Saline and then do and ultrasound and did blood work on the both of us. Two weeks after our medical screening we were cleared. 

Now we are waiting for contracts to be done! It's hard to believe we are so close. 

* I am also doing Vlogges to document this Journey. if you would    like to follow me that aswell here is my link.

Why I don’t cry on the first day of school. 

It’s been a while since I have posted a blog and a lot has happened. All for the good of course! 

But the biggest thing today is the first day of school. 

I was asked if I was sad when I dropped my kids off at school. No I wasn’t . You may think I got tried of the summer break but that’s not it at all. We had an amazing summer vacation and I would be happy with Many more weeks to enjoy it. 

The reason I don’t get sad when my babies go off to school is because I feel so blessed to have my children and to see them grow older. Yes, I miss them as babies and feel they are growing way to fast but there are many mommies who will never get to take their little one to the first day of anything. So for that I am happy to see my littles off to their first day of 2nd and 3rd great. 

Last week we went as our very first family of four cruise! It was an amazing time and many momories were made that I will hide in my heart forever. 

Meeting old friends

We got to met our IPs!!!!!!! 

It was a wonderful meeting. Now we have a cruise to get ready for !!! 

Once we come home from our cruise we have to wait two months before we do the transfer. So while we wait for that we have a lot to do! Being cleared by psych, cleared by medical, and contractes done. 

On the family side of our journey in life the kids will start school the week after the cruise. I can’t believe my babies will be in 2nd and 3rd grade this year. It seems like just yesterday I was preparing myself for mule to start pre-k and here I am sending them both off to 2nd & 3rd. As they start school I will start teaching in one of the 3 yr old classrooms at work. 

I am also working on starting up a YouTube channel ! MommyCole – come check it out! I will be posting videos every Saturday of our life (lol our Saturdays) and of our journey in our Surrogacy! 

Learning as I go!

Wow it’s been a while since I last posted a blog!!! 

I have been posting a lot of videos on YouTube with my little family and about the surrogacy journey. I have also decided to video when I do Pinterest ideas with the kids over the summer. 

We did our first Pinterest idea yesterday and it was a success . Well maybe not picture perfect but we were happy with it. 

I hope to do many more ideas with mule and bug and go on more trips with them to enjoy our summer . 

We only have 45 more day til our cruise to the Bahamas!! 😜 this will be the first time I or the kids have been on a cruise so I am nervous. More nervous about the idea of my children being on a boat but I know we will have a great time! 

As far as surrogacy goes I am still waiting on an appointment with the clinic in Charlotte. I have sent my medical records over to them already. Also we will hopefully be meeting the IPs in person in July! 

That is all the updates for now! 

I turned 30!

Well I am now half way to 60!! Today I turned 30 years old. Nothing has changed, I don’t feel older or more wiser with years, I just feel like me. 

Boy how times have changed in my 30 years and my life as changed with it. But with the change has come so many blessing and so much joy. 

“I am so thankful for my last 30 years and in the next 30 to come. My next thirty years I’m gonna settle all the scores cry  a little less, laugh a little more find a world of happiness without the hate and fear figure out just what I’m doing here In my next thirty years” (my next thirty years by Tim McGraw) 

Here we go!!!!

Today is the last day of school for my two little ones! This summer I will have two extra days a week off work so we will be making the most of summer 2016! And with those amazing plans I will be working towards a transfer date lol.

 Today I got the call from my IPs clinic. Well now I can say our clinic since I am now registered with the clinic and have sent in my medical records from my two pregnancies. Once I send in the records from my family doctor (that’s the only one I have seen since my last birth) the clinic do to will look them over then they will call me to set up appointments! 

This is going to be an exciting summer all around !!