MIA Why To Long

It's been a while since I last posted in my Blog. Not too much has happened but it doesn't take much to get far on this Surrogacy 
Journey. In July I went to our clinic and took the MMI-2 
Personality test. Oh My what a test it was! 560 questions that had to be answered with True or False answers. 

At the beginning of August we went on our family cruise and had an amazing time. I'm not going to lie I was scared to go but knew I would have hated if we had missed out on it. So I went and faced my fear, and Oh how glad I am I did.  It was memorizes I will cherish in my heart for the rest of my life. 

After we returned we had to wait 8 weeks before having our medical screening done due to the fact that we went out of the country. with we waited for our 8 weeks to be up we finished our Psych Evaluations. at the end of August my husband and I had our part of Psych eval done and found out that my MMI-2 test came back normal. This of course made my husband laugh.  Then we had our group psych eval done and were told then that we could move on to the next step, once my 8 weeks was up anyways! 

On October 13, My Mother-in-laws birthday, our 8 weeks were up and I was able to call and set my Medical screening up for the next week. Luckily my husband was off work that week and was able to go and do his part of the medical screening at the same time.  We had our appointment with the RE on October 17 and we loved the RE we will be working with. while there the RE talked to us about the process and meds I will have for this Journey. He also did a Saline sonogram which is where they insert a catheter and fill a small 
"balloon" with Saline and then do and ultrasound and did blood work on the both of us. Two weeks after our medical screening we were cleared. 

Now we are waiting for contracts to be done! It's hard to believe we are so close. 

* I am also doing Vlogges to document this Journey. if you would    like to follow me that aswell here is my link.