So as many know I have started a video blog just for my surrogacy journey!!! 

Here I answer some questions that have been asked of me since I’ve started this journey and some concerns . I am super excited and am all day surrogate brain mood lol! 

On to the next Journey in life! 



So today started a video blog on YouTube to document my surrogacy that way as well!



Super excited about this journey.

As far as our journey in life not much has changed since Monday! Just have one sick little boy who will be making a visit to the doctor tomorrow. 😞

Summer is coming

Today is the last day of cub scouts for my mule man for this school year. Summer will be here soon and with that I pray comes many opportunities to make many memories with my babies. Soon my work hours will change and I will plan a fun summer for us all. 

Also coming up is my IP’s interview with the new clinic! I am super excited with what this new journey will hold for us. 

My Life is Growing


Today my sweet baby girl turns 7! Today we celebrate Mother’s Day!

I can still remember sitting in English Class my senior year of High School talking to my friend about where we seen ourselves at the age of 25, 30, 40 years old. Then I (I) had planned to start collage right after summer break ( I wanted to be a teacher hahaha) then I would meet the right man get married after a few years and then when I was 25 have my first child. oh and back then I wanted 7 children of my own..what was I thinking.

who knows maybe I will hit 6 or 7 children carried but for now I Β have to see how the first surrogacy goes lol.

but back to MY plan…. I had planned to have all my 7 children 3 or more years apart. But as all our plans go God had better ones. By the time I was 25 I married and had 2 children that are 13 months to the day apart. so much for my 3 year plan! We learned about the arrival of this sweet little girl when her big brother was only 4 months old so to say it was a big surprise is an understatement. Then the day big brother turned 13 months old sweet girl decided to make her big introduction. Hannah was born at 5:41pm weighing in at 7lbs 12oz and 21ins long.

I am so glad God Changed my Plans! I may not be a teacher, I may not have 7 kids, I may not have got to spend years alone with my husband without children but i am so happy with my life.




What a week will bring!

Yesterday marked 9 years I have been married to my best friend! What a wonderful 9 years with many amazing things! To have a man who works hard for us and still does his very best to make sure we have all our wants just as much as our needs. He is a God fearing man and a wonderful leader. 

I am so blessed to have his 100% support as we gear up for the journey of surrogacy. And his support on our journey in life together.

We are still waiting for my Ips to have an appointment set up for their initial visit to the new clinic.  


Update on life!


As one part of our busy life comes to and end we look forward to the next. Every day is a new day but some times it feels as if we just wake up to go right back to sleep. But we learn to make the most of each day and enjoy the time. Like this weekend as we celebrated my son’s 8th birthday with family and friends. It was wonderful to have so many come out and fellowship with us and to see my children enjoy their friends as well I enjoyed mine.


I loved make my son’s party and doing the planning (this I start in January)



next on the planning my daughter 7th birthday party, while we incubate 11 chicken eggs for her ( mommy’s way of making up for the 4-h mishap). once her wonderful celebration is done we move on to planning our family cruise. I love writing everything out and planning even if its doesn’t always go to plan. 9 times out 10 nothing goes to our plans but I’m ok with that.

sometimes planning helps me when I must wait for something to happen. Right now we are waiting for my IPs to have their visit with the clinic near me and hopefully then we can meet in person. I really do have a hard time waiting but I know the wait will be worth it all.


Friday 4/15/16 will be my husbands and mine 9th wedding Anniversary. I waited for him for many many years and am so blessed that I did.


Got a little overwhelmedΒ 

Sometimes it’s not hard to feel like a bad mom. Sometimes we get so busy just being a mom or a wife or just a person that things may fall by the waste side without even realizing it. Well this has happened to me this week😞 and on top of it the little one I dropped the ball on is sick with strap. My little girl is wanting to raise a baby animal so bad that I decided to put her in a 4-h project thinking I had plenty of time since the chicks wouldn’t be ready til end of April. I was way off! 

So now this mommy is going to set up a project herself! And try again with 4-h later. We aren’t bad mommies when we forget something just busy mommy and I have learned they will forgive us.

Surrogacy related: I have an appointment with a new obgyn this week and soon my Ips will be visiting the Clinic and see where we go from here. I will also be picking up my medical records from my old obgyn. 

Gods Not Dead!Β 

Today is one of our favorite days in this house. It’s good Friday!!! A day we celebrate what our Lord and Savior did for us on the cross. This year I made gift baskets for my little ones and like every year we talk about the crucifixion and dyed eggs!  

I am so blessed to share this day with two of the most wonderful gifts from God. As I told my children why we call this day good Friday they would finish the story for me. Thank you to our amazing and wonderful Sunday school teachers! What wonderful memories we get to make each and every day. God is so good to us and today we remember what his son came and done for us and know if it was just for you only he would have still went to the cross. 


The Ball has started to roll!

This week my IM has connected her attorney and was told to connect the clinic to see what our next step will. Yesterday was IFs birthday …HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM!!!!!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚

so I don’t expect to hear anything till end of the week. 

On my side I have set up an appointment with a new obgyn so when the time comes I will have someone. I did not want to go to the same once I used with my own two little ones so had to shop for another! πŸ’•πŸ€

Eggs πŸ”πŸ³

This week we got a hen for our backyard, we have been eating fresh eggs for about a year now and wanted to have some of our own. 

Our new hen Glory started laying eggs just a day after getting her. As I held her egg from today I began to think about how wonderful My God is. How this anmial he made to still lay this egg even thought a new life will not be made from it, But a life will live from it! 

This hen willing let’s me take her egg and use it to feed my family. Use it to help my children grow. 

Now if a baby came from that egg this hen would fight me to the death to protect her baby. Right now she is protecting mine!

God amazes me every day!!!! 

Surrogacy related~~ IM messaged me to let me know she called the clinics near me and their attorney but all had closed for the weekend. She left a message for her attorney that they are ready to start the process again so this ball will be rolling soon!