Why I don’t cry on the first day of school. 

It’s been a while since I have posted a blog and a lot has happened. All for the good of course! 

But the biggest thing today is the first day of school. 

I was asked if I was sad when I dropped my kids off at school. No I wasn’t . You may think I got tried of the summer break but that’s not it at all. We had an amazing summer vacation and I would be happy with Many more weeks to enjoy it. 

The reason I don’t get sad when my babies go off to school is because I feel so blessed to have my children and to see them grow older. Yes, I miss them as babies and feel they are growing way to fast but there are many mommies who will never get to take their little one to the first day of anything. So for that I am happy to see my littles off to their first day of 2nd and 3rd great. 

Last week we went as our very first family of four cruise! It was an amazing time and many momories were made that I will hide in my heart forever.