Gods Not Dead! 

Today is one of our favorite days in this house. It’s good Friday!!! A day we celebrate what our Lord and Savior did for us on the cross. This year I made gift baskets for my little ones and like every year we talk about the crucifixion and dyed eggs!  

I am so blessed to share this day with two of the most wonderful gifts from God. As I told my children why we call this day good Friday they would finish the story for me. Thank you to our amazing and wonderful Sunday school teachers! What wonderful memories we get to make each and every day. God is so good to us and today we remember what his son came and done for us and know if it was just for you only he would have still went to the cross. 



The Ball has started to roll!

This week my IM has connected her attorney and was told to connect the clinic to see what our next step will. Yesterday was IFs birthday …HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM!!!!!!🎉🎂

so I don’t expect to hear anything till end of the week. 

On my side I have set up an appointment with a new obgyn so when the time comes I will have someone. I did not want to go to the same once I used with my own two little ones so had to shop for another! 💕🍀

Eggs 🐔🍳

This week we got a hen for our backyard, we have been eating fresh eggs for about a year now and wanted to have some of our own. 

Our new hen Glory started laying eggs just a day after getting her. As I held her egg from today I began to think about how wonderful My God is. How this anmial he made to still lay this egg even thought a new life will not be made from it, But a life will live from it! 

This hen willing let’s me take her egg and use it to feed my family. Use it to help my children grow. 

Now if a baby came from that egg this hen would fight me to the death to protect her baby. Right now she is protecting mine!

God amazes me every day!!!! 

Surrogacy related~~ IM messaged me to let me know she called the clinics near me and their attorney but all had closed for the weekend. She left a message for her attorney that they are ready to start the process again so this ball will be rolling soon! 

The Bugs of Life🐞

Okay so I’m not talking about actual bugs in life, today I’m only talking about one bug. The crazy stomach bug has hit me with no warning today. It’s not something any mom need slowing them down. This blog will be short!!! 

Life’s a journey!!!! And today I’m on an awful ride 😷

Counting down! 

The count down is on!!!!! 

As we get closer to my IPs ( intend parents) being able to search for and find a clinic closer to me and then the process for the surrogacy Journey to begin I can’t help but want to search old Google for more and more information. 

Me and old Google are not the best of friends when it comes to me looking up information. But I have learned so much in the last 2 or 3 months since starting, And I have made some friends along the way.

  Before I know it my calender won’t just be filled will cub scouts, 4H, horses, chickens…. And so on. I will be adding in medical screenings and check ups and of course IVF meds, And then God willing a pregnancy.  


What is a Surrogate Mother?

What is a Surrogate Mother? 

Since starting my blog I have had a few questions about what I’m really about to do. These questions are not bad or mean  in any way. Actually having them ask me makes me feel like they care enough to want to be apart of this. There are two parts to being a Surrogate but a main definition is ~ a woman take becomes pregnant by artificial insemination or surgical implantation of a fertilized egg for the  purpose of carrying the baby to term for another woman. The two parts of being a Surrogate are Traditional Surrogate or Gestational Surrogate.

A Traditional Surrogate is when the surrogate mothers own egg is used either by artificially insemination with the intended fathers or donor sperm, or with IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). In this situation the surrogate is biologically connected to the child she is carrying for the Indented parents.

A Gestational Surrogate is When the Surrogate undergoes IVF using embryo from the Intended Parents or donor. In this situation the surrogate is NOT biologically connected to the child she is carrying for the indented parents.

I will be a Gestational surrogate.

I plan to post a video tomorrow with other questions i have been  asked by friends and family. Tomorrow  my IPs (indented parents) will be going to the clinic near me and then we will know the next step in our journey! I am super excited and am I’m sure driving my husband crazy with all the info I have learned and some of the things we or I will face soon.

Today Marks !!

Today marks one month till my sweet baby boy will be 8 years old. Wow, in just one month I will be getting ever so closer to rising a teen……..a teen boy……

Today is also another day in the count down till our surrogacy journey really begins! In just a few days my IM (intended mother) will start to look for a clinic near me and then it all begins!

I am filled with excitement and a little nervous as well. I am not worried at all about being able to give the baby up when that time comes cause I don’t see it as me giving anything up but giving him or her back. I think at this moment my only worry is that I will fail this wonderful couple.  I know God’s timing is so much better than ours and in his time all is well.



My twins!!! 💕

Ok, so they are not really twins but today in Honor of Dr.Seuss we had twin day! My thing 1 & thing 2 are 13 months apart to the day! When my boy was just 4 months old God saw fit to bless us with another. The day he turned 13 months old his little sister decided to join him in this great big world. Many times I have said they must have been best friends in heaven and she chouldn’t stay apart from him to long. They fight and carry on like any brother and sister but usually where one is the other is not far behind and they hate to be made to separate . I would change a thing about having these to so close. God always knows what he is doing!  

Life is a Journey in it’s self!



In little over a month my sweet boy, my first born baby will be turning 8 years old. I can not believe how fast time has flew by. Wow! did I not know what journey this little 7lb 12oz 21in long bundle of oh so much joy was going to take us on. Life surely has changed in the last 8 years. I am so blessed to see this guy grow to be a loving little man. This is a wonderful time but also a very very scary time. To know I am responsible for this little life, and to the man, husband, and father he will one day become.

This will be a short blog but a oh so true blog. I want to live my life so close to God that when my little boy looks up to his mommy he will see Gods way not mine. I want to lead him to the cross!




On to a new chapter

untitled2016 came in fast, (Came in like a wrecking ball…lol) It seems like 2015 was gone in the blink of an eye. But a New Year must come and with this New Year came a new big decision for me and my wonderful husband.

On January 28 we talked about me becoing a surrogate! I began the research and research and more research into what it would take to be a GS (Gestational Surrogate). This is where I will carry a child that is not genetically ours and will carry him/her for another couple. After a lot of research and a lot of talking to many different couples we have macthed with one.

we are in the start of this new journey and have a long process ahead of us and I want to keep all who care updated as we go.

Next step in this new chapter is to meet with a clinic once my wonderful IM (intened Mother) finds one in our area.

Then we will both have to go through medical and psychological evaluations. Right now is a waiting game!