Meeting old friends

We got to met our IPs!!!!!!! 

It was a wonderful meeting. Now we have a cruise to get ready for !!! 

Once we come home from our cruise we have to wait two months before we do the transfer. So while we wait for that we have a lot to do! Being cleared by psych, cleared by medical, and contractes done. 

On the family side of our journey in life the kids will start school the week after the cruise. I can’t believe my babies will be in 2nd and 3rd grade this year. It seems like just yesterday I was preparing myself for mule to start pre-k and here I am sending them both off to 2nd & 3rd. As they start school I will start teaching in one of the 3 yr old classrooms at work. 

I am also working on starting up a YouTube channel ! MommyCole – come check it out! I will be posting videos every Saturday of our life (lol our Saturdays) and of our journey in our Surrogacy!