Waiting 💕

The last time I posted my IPs had their initial visit with our clinic. our next step is for me to make an appointment for me and my husband to have our medical and psych evaluations done. I am still waiting for a call back from the clinic!!!!! 

But while I wait I have a very busy weekend. Tomorrow I will be going to a wildtree party with one of my BBF’s . 

Wildtree is an exciting direct-sales company whose all natural gourmet culinary blends, infused Grapeseed oils, dressings and sauces are sold through home Tasting parties.

On Saturday my wonderful husband is throwing a party for my 30th birthday. I am super excited to see what all he does! 

Then on Sunday we have Homecoming at our church with a great group coming to sing for us. Check out Southland Qt!

We have a busy busy weekend so I am hoping I get a call on Monday and get our appointments set ! The ball is rolling for a wonderful surrogacy journey! 



So as many know I have started a video blog just for my surrogacy journey!!! 

Here I answer some questions that have been asked of me since I’ve started this journey and some concerns . I am super excited and am all day surrogate brain mood lol! 

On to the next Journey in life! 


So today started a video blog on YouTube to document my surrogacy that way as well!



Super excited about this journey.

As far as our journey in life not much has changed since Monday! Just have one sick little boy who will be making a visit to the doctor tomorrow. 😞

Summer is coming

Today is the last day of cub scouts for my mule man for this school year. Summer will be here soon and with that I pray comes many opportunities to make many memories with my babies. Soon my work hours will change and I will plan a fun summer for us all. 

Also coming up is my IP’s interview with the new clinic! I am super excited with what this new journey will hold for us. 

My Life is Growing


Today my sweet baby girl turns 7! Today we celebrate Mother’s Day!

I can still remember sitting in English Class my senior year of High School talking to my friend about where we seen ourselves at the age of 25, 30, 40 years old. Then I (I) had planned to start collage right after summer break ( I wanted to be a teacher hahaha) then I would meet the right man get married after a few years and then when I was 25 have my first child. oh and back then I wanted 7 children of my own..what was I thinking.

who knows maybe I will hit 6 or 7 children carried but for now I  have to see how the first surrogacy goes lol.

but back to MY plan…. I had planned to have all my 7 children 3 or more years apart. But as all our plans go God had better ones. By the time I was 25 I married and had 2 children that are 13 months to the day apart. so much for my 3 year plan! We learned about the arrival of this sweet little girl when her big brother was only 4 months old so to say it was a big surprise is an understatement. Then the day big brother turned 13 months old sweet girl decided to make her big introduction. Hannah was born at 5:41pm weighing in at 7lbs 12oz and 21ins long.

I am so glad God Changed my Plans! I may not be a teacher, I may not have 7 kids, I may not have got to spend years alone with my husband without children but i am so happy with my life.