Learning as I go!

Wow it’s been a while since I last posted a blog!!! 

I have been posting a lot of videos on YouTube with my little family and about the surrogacy journey. I have also decided to video when I do Pinterest ideas with the kids over the summer. 

We did our first Pinterest idea yesterday and it was a success . Well maybe not picture perfect but we were happy with it. 

I hope to do many more ideas with mule and bug and go on more trips with them to enjoy our summer . 

We only have 45 more day til our cruise to the Bahamas!! šŸ˜œ this will be the first time I or the kids have been on a cruise so I am nervous. More nervous about the idea of my children being on a boat but I know we will have a great time! 

As far as surrogacy goes I am still waiting on an appointment with the clinic in Charlotte. I have sent my medical records over to them already. Also we will hopefully be meeting the IPs in person in July! 

That is all the updates for now! 


I turned 30!

Well I am now half way to 60!! Today I turned 30 years old. Nothing has changed, I don’t feel older or more wiser with years, I just feel like me. 

Boy how times have changed in my 30 years and my life as changed with it. But with the change has come so many blessing and so much joy. 

“I am so thankful for my last 30 years and in the next 30 to come. My next thirty years Iā€™m gonna settle all the scores cry  a little less, laugh a little more find a world of happiness without the hate and fear figure out just what Iā€™m doing here In my next thirty years” (my next thirty years by Tim McGraw) 

Here we go!!!!

Today is the last day of school for my two little ones! This summer I will have two extra days a week off work so we will be making the most of summer 2016! And with those amazing plans I will be working towards a transfer date lol.

 Today I got the call from my IPs clinic. Well now I can say our clinic since I am now registered with the clinic and have sent in my medical records from my two pregnancies. Once I send in the records from my family doctor (that’s the only one I have seen since my last birth) the clinic do to will look them over then they will call me to set up appointments! 

This is going to be an exciting summer all around !!