Waiting πŸ’•

The last time I posted my IPs had their initial visit with our clinic. our next step is for me to make an appointment for me and my husband to have our medical and psych evaluations done. I am still waiting for a call back from the clinic!!!!! 

But while I wait I have a very busy weekend. Tomorrow I will be going to a wildtree party with one of my BBF’s . 

Wildtree is an exciting direct-sales company whose all natural gourmet culinary blends, infused Grapeseed oils, dressings and sauces are sold through home Tasting parties.

On Saturday my wonderful husband is throwing a party for my 30th birthday. I am super excited to see what all he does! 

Then on Sunday we have Homecoming at our church with a great group coming to sing for us. Check out Southland Qt!

We have a busy busy weekend so I am hoping I get a call on Monday and get our appointments set ! The ball is rolling for a wonderful surrogacy journey! 


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